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Online Resources for Patients

Dense Breast-info: An Education Coalition
DenseBreast-info.org™ is an information resource focused on providing education about dense breast tissue to both patients and health care professionals. This website also includes a Patient Risk Checklist. Patients can print, complete and review this document with their health care provider to better understand their individual breast cancer risk.

Mammography Saves Lives
The American College of Radiology (ACR) provides this web site to patients as a general information resource on breast imaging.

Breast Density and Your Mammogram Report
The American Cancer Society prepared an information sheet to address questions about breast density seen on a mammogram report.

Are you Dense?
This organization advocates for and supports state and federal legislative and regulatory efforts to: 1) standardize the communication of dense breast tissue to women; and 2) increase access to reliable breast screening technologies for women with dense breast tissue.

Michigan Breast Density Notification Flyer
MIdensebreasts.org Flyer (PDF)
The flyer gives a brief explanation of the law and lists additional online resources.