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Information for Providers

The Michigan Breast Density Notification Law directly mandates a change in practice for mammography providers that will greatly affect primary care providers. As patients are notified about their breast density, many will have questions and concerns that will trigger consultation with their primary care physician, physician’s assistant, or advanced practice nurse. This website provides information on breast cancer screening, breast density, breast cancer risk assessment and options for supplemental imaging that will inform the practitioner’s discussion with their patient.

Learn More About Breast Density

This section includes access to 6 education modules about breast cancer screening, breast density, and related implications for your practice.

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Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

This section includes a link to the clinical protocols for breast cancer screening from the Michigan Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program.

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Risk Assessment and Patient Counseling

Learn the common risk factors for breast cancer, how the risks are calculated and how to counsel patients based on their risk.

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Supplemental Screening

Women with high breast density may benefit with additional screening.

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Education Materials

The American College of Radiology and the American Cancer Society have created guides to help educate patients.

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Online Resources for Providers

This section contains a list of useful educational resources for providers.

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